Acre Distilling Co.

Locally crafted, delicious, and downright delightful—Acre Distilling Co. is the kind of place Fort Worth Locals loves to feature. As one of Fort Worth’s only distilleries, they are taking downtown by storm with they’re house-made spirits, locally roasted Avoca coffee, and warm, inviting atmosphere. I’m telling you–this is the place to go if you’re looking for lattes, pastries, or craft drinks such as gin, whiskey, or vodka. Don’t want your liquor on the rocks or straight up? No problem.  The distillery uses their spirits to shake up amazing mix drinks such as the Smoking Hot Mary—a Bloody Mary that features an infusion of the Acre’s Liquid Campfire, an infusion of smoked chipotle peppers, and  grain neutral spirits—and the Breakfast Cowboy, which is made up of Acre’s house-made bourbon, orange juice, and Liquid Pancake liqueur. It’s essentially a pancake breakfast in a single glass! Even better, the spirit gurus are anticipating putting their rye whiskey and barrel aged bourbons on the market as soon as the aging process is complete. Not looking for hard liquor? They also offers a variety of eats from kolaches to cheese boards, and unlike most distilleries you’ve heard of, they invite students to come sip coffee, munch on a pastry, and get some work done.

While all of the delicious features of Acre are what bring in customers from inside and outside of the city, one of the best parts about the distillery is its rich Texas history. The distillery is in the center of what was once Fort Worth’s Hell’s Half Acre—an area that was facing constant crime and excitement. So take some time in your week to stop by, maybe participate in a tour and tasting of the unique space, and learn more about the history of your own town while sipping on a drink that you can’t find anywhere else.

A Fort Worth, TX native, Kasey spends her summers in town working at Stir Crazy Baked Goods and the rest of the year studying the Humanities and Photography at Seattle University in Seattle, WA. With a wide array of passions, she is an aspiring creator, photographer, baker, blogger, teacher, or even small-business owner with a desire to good for both local and global communities alike.