Americado – Mexican Food

Americado recently opened on Berry Street and has brought some delicious Mexican food with it! It is a cafeteria style concept with different stations to choose from. Some of these are La Juiceria (The Juicery), Fisheria (Fish Station) and Chilangos (Beef and Pork Station). Once you walk in, it can be a bit confusing but you basically just walk up to the station you want to eat from and order directly from it. They will bring the food directly to your table so it still keeps the restaurant vibe. Their inspiration for the concept is local markets, bars, and taco bars from Mexico and they pulled it off really well. We tried their chicken and al pastor tacos¬†with chips and guacamole and they didn’t disappoint, they were really¬†good! Try them for yourself this weekend.

2000 W Berry
Fort Worth, Texas

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