Fort Worth Black House

We were made aware of the Fort Worth Black House a few months ago when scrolling through our Instagram feed. Curiosity quickly struck and we wanted to know more about this place. There aren’t any homes that are painted completely black in Fort Worth that we were aware of so it really stood out to us. We first visited the home on a Sofar Sounds DFW concert that was being held in this home. By the way, Sofar Sounds puts on some great shows in intimate settings and we highly recommend you check them out. Now back to our story, as soon as we walked in we realized this place was incredible! The home is really well done but what really sticks out is the atmosphere the hosts have created. Noel and Sara Viramontes have owned the home for 5 years with most of that time being dedicated to restoring it. They said their family contributed immensely to make it what it is today. Their journey, however, wasn’t easy. As with any fixer upper, there are setbacks that arise but in February of this year they were finally able to move in. While the Black House is a private home, the owner’sĀ intention is for the home to become a place for the community. They host several art and music shows throughout the year that are open to the public and they hope to soon add film screenings as well. You can stay updated on upcoming activities at their home by following them on instagram @fwblackhouse.

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