Gypsy Scoops

July 20, 2017

What started as a dessert truck business has grown to include a vintage ice cream parlor in the past year.  Located just north of downtown Fort Worth, Gypsy Scoops conquer any sugary craving.

In its first five years, Gypsy Scoops was solely mobile business that could only be found on the road, hence the name “gypsy.” After discovering the need for a centralized place to grow, the ice cream parlor opened its doors to the developing area of Race St.

The parlor is full of antique feels with nostalgic furniture and products.  Gypsy Scoops can satisfy the sweet tooth beyond a beautifully crafted ice cream cone. They serve vintage candies, malts, floats, milkshakes, Belgian waffles topped with ice cream, seasonal ice cream pies, ice cream tacos, cookie sandwiches, and their most unique creation: the donut ice cream sandwich. All of which is homemade in the shop.

The current flavors: mint chip, blueberry sorbet, strawberry, Wookiee’s cookies, honey lavender, lemon sorbet, cookie monster, vanilla, chocolate, Windy Van Hooten, banana pudding, Lucky Charms, peach, butter pecan, lemon-lime sorbet, toffee crunch, and lemon cookie.

You can follow the dessert truck on social media, book it for a private event,  or stop by the shop to taste new flavors and creations.

2905 Race St., Fort Worth, TX 76111

Sam Bruton