High Street Homes – Q&A

Meet Kara and Brett Phillips, the husband and wife team that make up High Street Homes. Together, they have been developing beautiful homes throughout North Texas for 5 years. Their love of home building has naturally developed a love for home decor. They have recently launched their online store that allows you to bring their unique “California Southern” touch into your home or office. There is some seriously amazing stuff on their site. You can find everything from art to carpets and even some beautiful cheeseboards that were made locally in Fort Worth. They have truly curated some quality products that will add a unique touch to your home. You can also look forward to their pilot on HGTV early next year but we won’t go into too much detail, you will just have to wait and see it for yourself 😉 We will also let you know once it is ready to be aired. Get to know more of them below in their Q&A!


Introduce yourselves!

We’re Brett and Kara Phillips, founders and owners of High Street Homes. You could say we’re design-obsessed serial home builders on a mission to master the art of timeless design. On we share the behind-the-scenes of our many projects, source and sell the best in home design, and offer tips for achieving our signature style.

How did you get started in homebuilding and interior design?

We built our first home, a little over a year after our wedding in 2011. We learned a lot through the process – like how important it is to have a clear vision for your project before you start. And how long the days feel when you’re living out of suitcases at your parents’ house. And how important it is to work with trades who are not only good at what they do but also willing to dream with you. Mostly though, we learned that we make a great team and designing homes we love together is how we want to live our best day. From that first experience we officially started our business in 2012.

Where do you get inspiration for home or interior design?

Brett: Often our inspiration comes from our experiences of living in the homes we’ve designed and built. We’ve packed and unpacked more boxes than we can count, having moved 9 times. Each project refines our eye and our understanding of space, which always informs how we design our next home. We also take a lot of inspiration for our backgrounds. I’m from California and Kara is from Aledo, and we think those roots are really evident in the homes we design.

What is the most important room in the home? Why?

Kara: The dining room. In our case, we have a casual everyday dining room that works as well for Taco Tuesday as it does for an intimate dinner with friends. Breaking bread, building relationships and loving on each other over a good meal is something we really value, so it’s important for the dining room to feel warm, inviting and to have ample seating.

Brett: The kitchen is the heartbeat of any home. It feels personal and intimate. You enjoy your most connected times as a family there, whether it’s making pancakes with your kids on a weekend morning or unwinding with your spouse over a glass of wine at the end of a long day. A kitchen is also the space where people say “wow” the most, so we love spending time really thinking about how we want it to look and function.

How would you describe your style?

We call our style “California Southern,” which is our take on new traditional-meets-coastal cool. Like we mentioned, growing up in California and Texas really shaped our style. It embraces simplicity but also references the people, places and traditions that shaped us. We have a style guide coming soon, with loads of tips and ideas for how to create the look in your own home. Watch this space!

Every room needs…? 

Natural light and something found.

What are some new projects you are looking forward to?

We are designing and building a speculative project (more to come beginning of 2018) and working on a design project for out-of-state clients that will surely be a massive transformation.

You are starting an online home goods store! What inspired you to start that?

Our love for home and passion to create spaces that are timeless.

What products can people expect?

A curated collection of everyday essentials, vintage finds and handmade wares for designing a home you love. Products include vintage rugs, one-of-a-kind artwork, stoneware and much more. All things to make home feel inviting and intentional.

What is one of your favorite products in the store?

Kara: I love our dinnerware, it’s absolutely stunning and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It checks all of the boxes for me—timeless yet modern with the banding around the edge.

Brett: The upholstered ottomans and glassware. We have been living with the product for the past 6 months and can’t love both enough. The ottomans are safe for our boys to play around (mostly jump off), and provides the comfort and durability we need in our everyday. The glassware makes you feel like you are enjoying a really special beverage with every sip. They’re the perfect toasting glasses!

Favorite thing about Fort Worth?

It’s a friendly city. People are quick to smile, eager to support each other and interested in seeing each other be successful. Fort Worth supports entrepreneurs and local businesses. We’re so excited about the future of Fort Worth and the incredible growth and creative energy that is ahead.

Top 3 places to eat in Fort Worth?

Pacific Table

Taco Heads

Melt Ice Creams

Word on the street is that you might be on TV?

It’s been very wild! We filmed a pilot for HGTV that we hope airs sometime early next year. We don’t know if we’ll get a series, but we had an incredible experience partnering with our production company, 547Barnard & RTR, to create the sweetest family’s forever home.

Where can people keep up with your work?

Definitely on our new website,, and on instagram @highstreethomes, where we’re most active on social.

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