Upon the instant I walked into the Amon Carter Museum I was asked if I was visiting specifically to view the Dallas-based artist Gabriel Dawe’s installation piece, “Plexus no. 34.”  Based on this immediate assumption, I gathered how impactful the bold, bright piece had been on its Fort Worth audience before even experiencing the artwork myself. Once I finally encountered Dawe’s installation, I understood what all the hype had been about; countless strands of thin, rainbow fiber were stretched tightly across the open space creating a noticeable shift in the ambiance of the room. As I walked through the room I observed how these vibrant strands as they seemed to take on a life of their own; the light of the room saturated the colors of each string of fiber and they appeared to be moving in a steady stream from one wall to the next. This installation could not be ignored–it had movement, vivacity, and forced me to view it from as many angles as the space allowed.

The plaque describing Dawe’s work stated, “So often, we forget to stop and let wonder overtake us.” Wonder was precisely what took me over when I encountered “Plexus no. 34.”  I couldn’t just walk aimlessly through the room, but instead was forced to look at the lighting, architecture, and relationship between myself and the space in a whole new light.  Dawe’s work forced me to linger, and I suggest that everyone ought to scurry to the Amon Carter Museum of Art for a moment of contemplative lingering among Dawe’s masterpiece as well.

A Fort Worth, TX native, Kasey spends her summers in town working at Stir Crazy Baked Goods and the rest of the year studying the Humanities and Photography at Seattle University in Seattle, WA. With a wide array of passions, she is an aspiring creator, photographer, baker, blogger, teacher, or even small-business owner with a desire to good for both local and global communities alike.