Sid Richardson Museum

If we’re going to acknowledge the iconic historical facilities specific to Fort Worth, we have to mention the Sid Richardson Museum. No other place has provided us with such an authentic Western atmosphere as this quaint little building. Showcase to several 19th century works of art (most notably those done by Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell), this museum displayed both the romanticized idea one usually associates with the “wild wild west” and also depicted the struggles of the more realistic version of this era. Life-like landscapes and portraits replicating the Western Frontier temporarily took us back in time; we were quickly snapped out of it, however, by the sounds of traffic and pedestrians given its location in the heart of Sundance Square. Something else worth noting in our opinion was the building itself. Designed to imitate a building from 1895, the architectural design and attention to detail was almost as captivating as the works of art it sheltered.

A renovation a few years ago added a gift shop that sells cutesy memorabilia, books commemorating the original settlers of the west, and Texas-specific items as well. Extra space was also added for educational tours, which I might add are free. Take advantage of their next exhibit- Lonesome Dove: The Art of Story, and experience this for yourself! Definitely worth the visit.

Written By: Ashley H.

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