The River District

Fort Worth is about to welcome its newest community on the west side of Fort Worth which will be called The River District. This new project will feature outdoor and indoor entertainment, housing, restaurants and to sum it up community unlike any other only three miles away from Fort Worth! We had an opportunity to do a Q&A with Chris Powers, Founder and CEO of Fort Capital who shared more insight into this exciting new project.

  1. Can you give me a brief overview of this project?

Our team of developers has set out to reinvent a 276-acre community – known as The River District Fort Worth – into one of the most iconic Fort Worth spots ever developed. This new area will channel one thing: community. With its natural boundaries created by the Trinity River, we feel like we are in a unique position to create a vibrant and tight-knit community built around the river and for the river. We are pursuing many different areas of development including residences of all types – single-family, townhome, multifamily, high-end, low-end and others; as well as entertainment venues, family gathering spots and great restaurants.


  1. You could have chosen anywhere in Fort Worth to develop such an amazing project. What led to the decision of choosing the land on the west side?

This particular spot on the river has some of the most beautiful settings and views that Fort Worth can offer. Match that with the location accessibility to some of the city’s greatest areas – we felt like this was the perfect spot. The Westside of Fort Worth is rich in history and is growing faster than any other part of the city, so all of these aspects really helped shape our decision to lay roots in the area. 


  1. What will The River District have that will make it stand out in Fort Worth and attract both locals and visitors?

Several things make this development stand out and as time goes on I believe we will only add to this list. Everything from the homesites that Village Homes is spearheading along the Trinity River to the Crystal Springs mixed-use entertainment development – it’s all very unique. Crystal Springs is working with many chef-driven restaurants, like The Truck Yard, and will feature an outdoor entertainment amphitheater that will seat thousands, Class A office space and wonderful access to the river. We plan to offer restaurants and entertainment that attract families – all with easy access to the trails of our river. There will even be a trailhead where you can tie up your horse that you rode along the river while you have a beer! Plus, the location of Crystal Springs is the same site where Texas swing music was invented. 


  1. When will development begin and when will the project be completed?

Development has already started and will continue for the next five to 10 years. In just the next 24 months there will be more than $150 million in new developments in The River District. Since this is not one single project the end date is hard to identify at this moment. But the landscape is certainly going to be different in two years.


  1. Fort Worth has strong support for local business. Will this development be local business friendly?

Absolutely. In fact, we are reaching out to brilliant local and regional businesses and asking them to come forward and be a part of our community. We want to create a community that attracts the most unique local minds and businesses. Office users, retail users, great local chef-driven restaurants, boutique hotels and more – our goal is to attract the best of the best in local DFW business.


  1. What are you looking forward to the most about this project?

As much as this is a community and a development, after two years of working on this I feel like we have the chance to start a movement – a place that truly encourages and inspires people to want to live, work, and play all in one area. If you think of a community on the Trinity River (something in Fort Worth that I personally think has not been fully created and therefore is underutilized), The River District Fort Worth is going to be that special gathering spot. We have an opportunity to create a central location on Fort Worth’s coveted Westside where people can come to work, eat some of Fort Worth’s best food, jump on the Trinity Trails to break a sweat, watch a concert or simply just enjoy the view. 

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