Tribe Alive

Tribe Alive is a brand all about people. Their clothing is amazing as is their jewelry line, which is what they originally started out with, but people is what truly makes this Fort Worth based company special. Carly Burson’s passion for people and merchandise is what birthed Tribe Alive. She leads a team that is made up of locals and international makers to produced their goods. The goods are made in different parts of the world that include India, Guatemala, Honduras, and Haiti. Whats even more special is that it is made by local women in those countries who are faced with complex social problems such as poverty. Tribe Alive gives these women fair-trade wages which gives them the opportunity to get out of poverty and choose their own path in life. This truly empowers them in societies that at times tend to not give them much hope. Carly stated how the confidence in the women from when she started working with them to where they are now is like night and day. They are much more joyful and in control which is what truly makes this brand special.

Did we mention their merchandise is amazing?! They offer home goods, bags, jewelry, accessories, and they are introducing clothes which launches today! Head to their website and check out what they offer, we are sure you will love their stuff as much we did.

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