Wanderer Boutique

August 2, 2018

With the new 1455 W. Magnolia Ave building complete, many new retailers call the Near Southside area their home. One of the latest additions: Wanderer Boutique.

Owner, Ashley Arabian, curates unique items from name brands and independent creators. The shop carries a wide variety of items: apparel (ranging from t-shirts to evening gowns) accessories, all-natural beauty products, incense, candles, essential oil perfumes, natural deodorants, sage sticks, stationary, and many other celestial findings.

Arabian was inspired by the desert vibes and traveler lifestyles of Wanderer’s original location in Taos, New Mexico. After discovering Fort Worth’s growing business community, she decided to move the boutique to the Near Southside. She hopes shoppers enter and feel a connection to the Earth, just like she did in New Mexico.

With a fresh new building, Arabian sees the chance to open her brand and business to the world. Her small batch selections of interesting items gives customers a chance to discover something new every time they visit.

Wanderer shares the new building with Panther City Vinyl, Reful foods, Magnolia Skate Shop and Tribe Alive. Salsa Limon (a FW Locals favorite) will soon move into the building next door.


1455 W. Magnolia Ave


Sam Bruton