West 7th Wool

June 13, 2016

We were made aware of West 7th Wool by one of our followers who messaged us and told us what a great experience she had while visiting the recently opened store. For her to take time out and make us aware really said a lot about the service and experience she had on her visit. We got in touch with the owners soon after and set up a time to meet and check out the location. Owners, Hunter and Amy Young, made West 7th Wool a reality after years of wanting to start their own business. It wasn’t until a local yarn shop closed that Amy and Hunter decided to provide locals a new yarn shop. With the help of friends and family, their dream came true and West 7th Wool was born.

Their enthusiasm for their business is evident and they love sharing it with others. We loved the look and feel of the store and the welcoming environment Amy and Hunter have established. Apart from the yarn, they will also be providing classes throughout the year for all skill levels. Drop by their store soon and check out the wide selection of yarn they carry or simply say hello!

3600 W 7th St.

Fort Worth, TX 76107

Q & A with Amy & Hunter Young

Tell us about yourselves and what led to you starting West 7th Wool!
We are Hunter & Amy Young. We had been considering opening a small business for a few years, but we just weren’t sure what type of business to start. Hunter has a background in graphic design and I (Amy) have had careers in Education and Consumer Analytics, and like many of us out there, I worked in Retail and Retail Management in college and graduate school.
I had been spending a lot of time at my local yarn shop last year and when they closed suddenly, I knew what I wanted to do. From talking with crafters both in person and online, I knew there was still strong consumer desire for a brick and mortar shop. We purchased market research from The National Needlearts Association and started from there.

You could have picked any city to start your business in, why Fort Worth?
We are both Fort Worth natives, we wouldn’t dream of going any where else.

This is your first business, what has the experience been like so far?
It has been a great experience. So many friends have helped and given us valuable advice along the way.

We loved the layout of your store! Tell us what inspired the look and layout?
Thank you! We wanted the look to be modern but still cozy. We knew the colors in the shop had to be neutral in order for the colors of the yarn to be the focal point. The space was a real estate office immediately prior to when we moved in and had housed several other businesses in it’s long history. We used as many of the existing lighting fixtures as possible and just moved them to suit our design. Dennis Sisk, our amazing general contractor, even used the existing office doors to build counter tops for our displays along the walls. The galvanized pipes used as table legs were his idea also.

What have you learned about yourselves through the process of starting your business?
We learned that even though we were apprehensive about starting a business, that we are really enjoying it. I love meeting new people and talking about their projects with them.

What services does West 7th Wool provide?
When you are creating something that you intend to wear, you want to be sure that the medium that you are working with feels good against your skin. So many high end yarns and fibers are available on line, but you just can’t touch the yarn through your screen. To add to that, computer monitors are not all the same – one shade of green on your computer may be a different shade on mine. We strive to provide a pleasing environment where artists and crafters can choose materials that inspire them. We also offer classes.
Tell us about your products! What sorts of material can someone find at your store?
We have a wide range of yarns and fibers to choose from. We carry high end luxury yarns like cashmere and silk blends, merino that is hand dyed in a rainbow of color combinations as well as a few national brands that are machine washable. We carry both yarns and raw fiber for those who spin their own yarns.

What are some of your favorite spots for dining or entertainment around Fort Worth?
We have school age children, so most of the restaurants that we go to are family friendly. We love supporting local restaurants like Chadra Mezza and Mi Cocula.

What is the one thing you want your clients to know about West 7th Wool?
It doesn’t matter what your experience level is or whether you’re working on a family heirloom or knitting for charity, we have something for everyone. Whether you’re just starting out with loom knitting or finger knitting or you’re spinning your own yarn and writing your own patterns, we want to be your “Local Yarn Store”.

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